Entry Level Special Services
Entry Level Special Services
Entry Level Special Services
Entry Level Special Services
Operations - Janitorial
Level 2 - Lead / Skilled Apprentice 


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Learning objectives to obtain this position



When participants complete the STEPS Operational Excellence training for Supervisors, they will be able to:

Demonstrate how to properly secure workplace with necessary keys, codes and building specific security

Display ability to clock in and out via e-Hub or landline as assigned by manager

Employ the correct types of cleaning chemicals to accomplish specific tasks

Mix cleaning products correctly and efficiently to meet cleaning tasks

Follow proper safety protocol for cleaning supplies

Operate available types of vacuums and chooses the proper one for each task

Differentiate the types of mops and brooms to use based on cleaning surfaces

Identify and effectively use different types of dusting tools, including but not limited to dust rag, mop, bell brush and others as assigned

Identify stains and spots on carpet and treat appropriately

Identify fiber type and apply proper chemical cleaning methods

Identify correct bags to use for trash, recycling, and compost

Demonstrate the proper way to empty all available trash bins and compactors

Describe the difference between high and low dusting

Problem-solve basic equipment issues and name who to contact if there are maintenance issues

Demonstrate what a properly stocked closet looks like

Demonstrate what a properly stocked cleaning cart looks like

Demonstrate TECH cleaning run for assigned building

Locate necessary supplies and report to Supervisor when supplies are running low (before completely running out)

Modify work plan to ensure absent employees’ shifts are covered by another person or themselves

Create a work schedule that meets customer, business, and work requirements

Effectively maintain supply inventory to ensure cleaners have the tools they need to complete their job

Calculate supply usage to determine needs and assemble order request for Area/Account Manager

Demonstrate how to punch in and out for shifts and breaks on-line via e-Hub or via assigned land line phone

Demonstrate skills to operate commercial cleaning machines for both carpet and hard floor care

Explain pH and sanitation capabilities of chemicals to employees, clients, and customers


When participants complete the STEPS Safety Practices training for Supervisors, they will be able to:

Identify and uses the proper PPE equipment in the workplace to prevent exposure to hazards including but not limited to BBP and chemicals

Explain the importance of slip resistant shoes for preventing slips, trips, and falls

Contact the appropriate person should an incident occur and what to do should someone need medical attention

Execute the proper procedure to report near misses and incidents via e-HUB

Maintain MSDS/Safety Data Sheets

Show where the MSDS and Safety Data Sheets are kept

Identify what to communicate should there be exposure to hazardous chemicals

Identify when to use tools and job aids to perform tasks safely

Complete Marsden Safety 10 classes 1 and 2 and demonstrates and expects safe work practices of entire team

Demonstrates skills to conduct safety inspections that meet Marsden Standards using e-HUB

Assess and summarize Safety Audit information in e-HUB


When participants complete the STEPS Leadership and Management training for Supervisors, they will be able to:

Employ the "Tell, Show, Do, Review" training process to train leads and cleaners on the proper way to clean, download e-HUB, clock in and out, and use all necessary equipment

Evaluate leads and cleaners cleaning standards to ensure they meet or exceed Marsden standards

Observe and coach others to course correct performance gaps

Demonstrate strong time management skills to ensure both their work and their employees' work is completed in a timely fashion

Recognize and address chronic performance and or time and attendance issues


When participants complete the STEPS Culture and Values training for Supervisors; they will be able to:

Describe “The Marsden Way” and Core Values

Represent Marsden by adhering to dress code and standards of conduct

Deliver positive reinforcement to cleaners when encountering them, adhering to Marsden Standards – “The Marsden Way”, Core Values, dress code and code of conduct

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