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Operations - Janitorial
Level 1 - Entry & Unskilled Labor

General Cleaner

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Learning objectives to obtain this position



When participants complete the STEPS Operational Excellence training for Cleaners, they will be able to:

Demonstrate how to properly secure the workplace with the necessary keys, codes and building-specific security

Clock in and out via e-Hub or landline, as assigned by manager

Employ the correct types of cleaning chemicals to accomplish specific tasks

Mix cleaning products correctly and efficiently to accomplish cleaning tasks

Follow proper safety protocols for cleaning supplies

Operate available types of vacuums and choose the proper one for each task

Differentiate the types of mops and brooms to use for different cleaning surfaces

Identify and effectively use different types of dusting tools, including but not limited to dust rags, mops, bell brushes and others, as assigned

Identify types stains and spots on carpet and treat appropriately

Identify fiber type and apply proper chemical cleaning methods

Identify correct bags to use for trash, recycling, and compost

Demonstrate the proper way to empty all available trash bins and compactors

Describe the difference between high and low dusting

Problem-solve basic equipment issues and name who to contact if there are maintenance issues

Demonstrate what a properly stocked closet looks like

Demonstrate what a properly stocked cleaning cart looks like

Demonstrate TECH cleaning run for assigned building

Communicate supplies needs to shift lead and/or supervisor


When participants complete the STEPS Safety Practices training for Cleaners, they will be able to:

Identify and uses the proper PPE equipment in the workplace to prevent exposure to hazards including but not limited to BBP and chemicals

Explain the importance of slip resistant shoes for preventing slips, trips, and falls

Contact the appropriate person should an incident occur

Execute the proper procedure to report near misses and incidents via e-HUB

Show where the MSDS and Safety Data Sheets are kept

Identify what to communicate should there be exposure to hazardous chemicals

Identify when to use tools and job aids to perform tasks safely


When participants complete the Culture and Values training for Cleaners; they will be able to:

Describe “The Marsden Way” and Core Values

Represent Marsden by adhering to dress code and standards of conduct

Prerequisite Positions
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Lateral Moves
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