Meet our Team

Eva Mortensen
Part of the Marsden family since
Day Matron
Marsden Building Services

Originally from: San Jose, California

Tenure at EGH: Almost one year. In the past she worked at Ecolab’s Schuman Campus while she was in school getting her associate degree in arts.

Family: One sister and parents.

Hobbies: Playing video games with her cousins, driving her manual transmission car, and learning origami.

Responsibilities: Stocking and replenishing women’s restrooms, break areas, and the daycare.

If you could leave everyone with one piece of advice about cleaning, what would it be? “I love the apron and I put everything in it. Aprons are really nice for cleaning, and I’d recommend them for efficiency.”

Meet our Team

James Hughes
Part of the Marsden family since
Marsden Building Services
What does cleaning mean to you? “Helping decrease the spread of germs and making sure everybody stays healthy.”


When participants complete the STEPS Operational Excellence training for Cleaners, they will be able to:

Demonstrate how to properly secure the workplace with the necessary keys, codes and building-specific security

Clock in and out via e-Hub or landline, as assigned by manager

☐ Employ the correct types of cleaning chemicals to accomplish specific tasks

☐ Mix cleaning products correctly and efficiently to accomplish cleaning tasks

☐ Follow proper safety protocols for cleaning supplies

☐ Operate available types of vacuums and choose the proper one for each task

☐ Differentiate the types of mops and brooms to use for different cleaning surfaces

☐ Identify and effectively use different types of dusting tools, including but not limited to dust rags, mops, bell brushes and others, as assigned

☐ Identify types stains and spots on carpet and treat appropriately

☐ Identify fiber type and apply proper chemical cleaning methods

☐ Identify correct bags to use for trash, recycling, and compost

☐ Demonstrate the proper way to empty all available trash bins and compactors

☐ Describe the difference between high and low dusting

☐ Problem-solve basic equipment issues and name who to contact if there are maintenance issues

☐ Demonstrate what a properly stocked closet looks like

☐ Demonstrate what a properly stocked cleaning cart looks like

☐ Demonstrate TECH cleaning run for assigned building

☐ Communicate supplies needs to shift lead and/or supervisor

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